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Holy Rosary  and St. Benedict Parishes
Milton, Ontario


Online Camp: "Hope in Action"

"A lady in the community walking by was so happy to receive a hope card, that she invited my daughter for a play date once quarantine is over."  
"Thank you all who helped organize this camp. Big shout out to Nicole T., for doing such an amazing job with the junior girls today. God bless you all."  - Sharon, June 2020

"Very well planned, my daughter is enjoying it." - Liz, June 2020

"Thank you so much for the outdoor scavenger hunt it was fun. Great to get out doors and enjoy the beauty of mother nature."  - Irene, June 2020

"Good Morning, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! To all the organizers of this beautiful retreat. What a lovely experience!! God bless you all, have a safe summer!" - Jenny, June 2020

"Thank you so very much to you Nazneen and your amazing team. My 2 daughters participated in the Challenge program this weekend. They were so inspired and reflected on all which they gathered from their programs which were so well organized, planned and delivered. It was something which will always remember." - Tanya M., June 2020


“Through this experience of caroling at the hospital, I felt a plethora of different emotions. One of them being the feeling of accomplishment. As we began walking through the halls of the hospital, my first reaction was that we were only singing to ourselves, but little did I know that I would make an impact on someone’s life. After meeting one woman, the message that I could affect someone’s life, really became prominent to me. After seeing many faces light up with smiles, it helped me comprehend the power of a simple act of kindness. As children of God, we are called to share our gifts and talents to help others in our world. While Christmas caroling, we all showed our service by bringing joy to others during this Christmas season.”  - Lauren R, Nov. 2018

“When I went singing with challenge at the hospital my heart filled with joy. This was because all these elderlies would open there doors just to hear us sing, they would sing and clap along and it is amazing to think that they did that for us even if they are going through tough times. One of the ladies there talked to us, challenge girls and really related to us. She said that she had loved singing and loved our voices which filled my heart with joy. Therefore, the singing at the hospital was the best one and topped the other years 
that I have done this and I hope to do it next year as well when I am a leader!” Alejandra C, Nov. 2018


Dear Challenge Club Members and Ladies in Christ:

Just a little thank you for the beautiful Tea Party on Saturday April 23, 2016.    This was my very first one and everything was beautiful,  dainty,  elegant, feminine and ever so tastefully done.     For a couple of hours, I did feel like a Princess (daughter of the King)!!!

The company at our table was charming,  the singing entertaining,  but most of all, I was impressed with those beautiful girls serving  tables,  selling tickets and catering to all the guests' needs.   So classy  that even my guests, including my neighbour, were impressed on how these young women carried themselves with much dignity and confidence in front of the crowd.

This is the Regnum Christi signature,  indeed!!!!

Well done ladies,   hope you got to rest a little.......

Count me in again next year,  if God wills it and hope to bring even more "princesses".


Love in Christ,  

Mrs. Daniela Dalla Via

April 2016

To:  The Girl's Challenge Club

     A sincere thank you to the members and leaders of the Girl's Challenge Club who presented us with a most enjoyable Irish concert Friday evening.


     It was great hearing the young voices singing the dear, old Irish songs.  The readings, recitations, skit and piano solos, along with the instrumental accompaniment filled in the program so nicely.

     When the members joined us for a little socializing, and handed out the hand-decorated Irish Blessings--that was the icing on the cake!

     We realize how much planning, work and practice has gone into this program--and wish to say "Thanks again"!

With appreciation,

May Bell

for all at Martindale Retirement Gardens

March 2016

"The choral group under the musical direction of one of the mothers and accompanied by adults playing guitars, sang a variety of modern and traditional Christmas carols. The warmth and enthusiasm of the group was an inspiration to all. Some readings and poems rounded off the performance and left the audience with the true spirit of Christmas."

-Sent from Erica Belluz, Recreation Therapist MDH, CCC

"The weekend retreat was AMAZING!! There were games and food. We made some crazy looking hats. We had teams and team cheers. I made new friends and got to talk to a lot of new people. I definitely recommend going, if we ever do it again!"

"I liked the retreat at Mount Mary Immaculate Centre. The priest's lecture made me change how I felt about being Catholic, and I enjoyed praying more. I look forward to more retreats like that in the future."

Back in November 2014, our club organized a weekend retreat, the "Survivor Retreat", at Mount Mary Immaculate Retreat Centre in Ancaster, ON. Here are the testimonies of some of the girls who attended:

"The most fun thing I did at the retreat that changed me was when I got into the small groups and we had to work as a team to get the very hard challenges done!"

In December 2014 and 2015, our club made an apostolate to Milton General Hospital, where we sang Christmas Carols to some of the patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Here are the girls' testimonies:

"I really liked the hospital visit. I felt kind and like someone who really followed Jesus. It touched me especially when people cried or sang along. I loved it."

"When I visited the hospital to spread cheer, I felt proud and glad that with my music and love of singing, I could make the vulnerable and poor joyful and happy."

"I was very touched when some started to cry and I was very happy and I felt like a hero by making people's day better. I hope we do that again."

"The hospital visit was fun and very exciting. Mary, a patient, almost made me cry when she started crying because of the joy she had when she saw us sing."

"It's fun and it increases your Catholic faith in an exciting way."

"Challenge is really fun and it's a very safe and comfortable environment."

"It was really fun. I loved the games! And the food and learning about God. :)"

"You learn in a fun way, making skits and presentations; the leaders are great."

"I love it! It's very fun."

"Your group created fabulous art! ... Thank you so much for thinking of Martindale Gardens' residents. It means so much to have your dedicated group come in after much preparation and scheduling."

-Michael Taylor, Martindale Gardens Retirement Residence's Life Enrichment Coordinator